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My friendship with Father Gabriel began on February 22, 2014, the day his relics were found. In the news about the discovery of the relics of Elder Gabriel, I saw photographs in which there were a huge number of people, there were so many of them that it struck me to the core. Everyone spoke Georgian, and of course I didn’t understand anything. Everyone just repeated: “Gabrieli’s mom…Gabrieli’s mom.” At the time I couldn’t understand what this meant. In order to figure it out, I entered “Gabrieli’s Mom” into the search engine and began reading all the information that was about him. Having finished studying by 5 am, I read all the testimonies from my spiritual children about Elder Gabriel. Tears flowed from my eyes, I realized what a great saint had lived among us just recently, and I really wanted to become His spiritual child too. Then I closed my eyes and, imagining Elder Gabriel, said: “Father, please, if you can, take me as your spiritual child, I really need it!” If only I knew then how my life would change after these words… and all roads would lead me to Georgia to Samtavro. And my whole life will become connected only with Saint Gabriel and Georgia.

Six months later, after extreme stress, a mole on my shoulder degenerated into melanoma. And while in the oncology center, my whole life flashed before my eyes. “In 2 weeks: surgery, tests, then they promised chemistry like everyone else… but I’m 25 years old, I want to live. Father Gabriel, help! I read about you in articles, how you healed people, help me too. I don’t have your oil and icon, but I’m not in Georgia, where can I get them? I believed you so much, I will change everything in my life, if I don’t die, I will serve you and build a temple in Perm in your honor!”


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