Prayer to St. Gabriel of Samtavria
20 Apr 2024

St. Gabriel of Samtavria is one of the most revered Georgian elders of our time. He lived in Georgia and died on November 2, 1995. Elder Gabriel, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, performed many miracles, cured the suffering from malignant tumors and other terrible ailments. The deaf, dumb, blind, and lame received relief […]

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Gavriil Urgebadze-mama Gabrielli
13 Apr 2024

Father Gabriel spent the last years at Samtavro, the convent of St. Nina Equal to the Apostles in Mtskheta, near Tbilisi. One day the nuns came to the temple and saw the elder on his knees in front of the miraculous Iver icon. He was crying loudly, and then… he started banging his head on […]

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