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We are pleased to welcome you to our family, the Mama Gabrieli family. Those who love Father Gabriel always meet. He brings them together himself. Because they are soul mates.

My name is Elena and my little ones Gabriel and Seraphim. Georgian elders predicted the birth of twins for me. In gratitude to God, we named our children in honor of two saints: Gabriel of Samtavria and Seraphim of Sarov, as a friendship between two peoples – Russian and Georgian. It is very difficult for us to imagine Russia without Georgia and Georgia without Russia. For us, as Orthodox Christians, the most important thing in life is the Eucharist. But in the sacrament of the Eucharist, bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. Russia gives us bread, and Georgia gives us wine. Both Russia and Georgia are the destiny of the Most Holy Theotokos.

My friendship with Father Gabriel began on February 22, 2014, the day his relics were found. In the news about the discovery of the relics of Elder Gabriel, I saw photographs in which there were a huge number of people, there were so many of them that it struck me to the core. Everyone spoke Georgian, and of course I didn’t understand anything. Everyone just repeated: “Gabrieli’s mom…Gabrieli’s mom.” At the time I couldn’t understand what this meant. In order to figure it out, I entered “Gabrieli’s Mom” into the search engine and began reading all the information that was about him. Having finished studying by 5 am, I read all the testimonies from my spiritual children about Elder Gabriel. Tears flowed from my eyes, I realized what a great saint had lived among us just recently, and I really wanted to become His spiritual child too. Then I closed my eyes and, imagining Elder Gabriel, said: “Father, please, if you can, take me as your spiritual child, I really need it!” If only I knew then how my life would change after these words… and all roads would lead me to Georgia to Samtavro. And my whole life will become connected only with Saint Gabriel and Georgia.

Six months later, after extreme stress, a mole on my shoulder degenerated into melanoma. And while in the oncology center, my whole life flashed before my eyes. “In 2 weeks: surgery, tests, then they promised chemistry like everyone else… but I’m 25 years old, I want to live. Father Gabriel, help! I read about you in articles, how you healed people, help me too. I don’t have your oil and icon, but I’m not in Georgia, where can I get them? I believed you so much, I will change everything in my life, if I don’t die, I will serve you and build a temple in Perm in your honor!”

Such a strong Faith and fervent Prayer that two days later I woke up in the morning, went to the mirror, and the mole was gone and that terrible lilac spot was gone. He heard me, he helped me! This means that He took me as his spiritual child and I promised to serve him. She promised, so she must fulfill it. I buy a plane ticket to Georgia and fly to Samtavro. On my knees I thank: “Father, dear, it was I who came to you, your child from Perm. Thank you. The Lord, through Your prayers, left me on earth. How can I now, for the sake of the Lord, go all my way, not turn anywhere, how can I, Father Gabriel, serve You? Do you know how many more people like me are now in cancer centers, help them all! But not everyone in Russia knows about you, and they, like me, don’t have your oil and icon with a cap. Let’s do this? You see my two hands (I put them on the elder’s shrine) if you want my hands will be your hands on the ground. If you want to help someone, send me there or bring this person to me, and I will now go to the store and buy your holy items, oil, icons, land and hats. I will bring them home and distribute them to everyone who needs them. You can’t buy this anywhere in Russia.”

This is how my project “Mama Gabrieli” was born. In 2014, I created our VKontakte group (link). She began to bring shrines from Samtavro, and then from other monasteries in Georgia. She organized pilgrimage trips to Georgia, now our team and I pass on Requests to Georgian Monasteries, help people get to Georgian elders for help, for advice, and support people in difficult life circumstances. And in 2020, I became the official representatives of the Samtavro Monastery in Russia. For which I express my heartfelt gratitude to the abbess of the Samtavro Ketevan (Kopaliani) Monastery, as well as to the nun Nana (Kutateladze). We thank the Samtavro sisters for their love and trust. I invite you to travel around Sakarovelo on the group’s pages in contact, telegram channel. Sunny mother Georgia is waiting for you in her warm arms, gently whispering words of love to you, inviting you to plunge into the unknown world of Georgian hospitality.

The unusual way of life of the local residents, the temperamental manner of communication, immense friendliness and the desire, so unusual for a resident of central Russia, to invite a stranger to visit you for at least one glass of wine, puts the plains dweller into a stupor and suspicion that he has found himself somewhere else planet, but it is called Georgia. Let this small mountainous country not mislead you with its size, believe me, there are so many incredible and interesting places in it, we will take you to those places that are not written about in guidebooks, to these Monasteries and secret places of solitude, feats of asceticism and prayer of those living nearby us holy ascetics, about whom your guides and pilgrimage centers will never tell you. And there are so many such incredible spiritual places in Georgia that it wouldn’t take a lifetime to see them all. And finally, people who always go through life with a smile.

Preachers of love and great prayer books of our time. These are special people who rarely receive visitors, love solitude and give almost no advice; all they have to do is look at you and this old man already reads you like an open book. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel to Georgia. Therefore, we are opening up the opportunity for you, through our website, VK group, telegrams, to transmit your letters and names for commemoration to such devotees.

In 2022, with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Ilya II, in the Samtavro Monastery, nun Nana (Kutateladze), according to my vision, from a dream, created and painted the image of St. Gabriel holding all those praying to him under his prayer cover.

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