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Our online store was created to support the activities of Georgian churches and monasteries; part of the profits is directed to the needs of the Samtavro Monastery. By purchasing shrines from us, you become an assistant in the maintenance of monasteries, provide assistance in paying for utilities of the monasteries, maintenance, and repairs. You give a part of your treasures for the organization and splendor of His house, and for this He will introduce you to the heavenly abodes.

By making a sacrifice for the splendor of the temple, you will thereby earn the full right to eternal church remembrance of yourself as fruitful and virtuous in this holy and all-honorable temple. The priest, every liturgy, will pray to the Lord of mercies and bounty, so that He would bless those who bless Him and sanctify those who trust in Him and love the splendor of His house and glorify them with His Divine power, that is, write their names in the book of life, glorify them in heaven, in He would put the righteous to rest in the villages and number him among God’s chosen ones. She, the Holy Church, will not forget you in her prayers until the end of the world for your zeal and love for the place of God’s dwelling.

The Orthodox project “Mama Gabrieli” is blessed by the hierarchy of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

All our employees are churchgoers; if you find it difficult to choose, we will be happy to help you!
Our assortment is constantly growing, come back often!

Why do people buy Georgian shrines from us?

Low price and constant promotions and gifts.

Wide range of goods.

Unique shrines that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

We have our own warehouse, almost all products are always in stock.

Payment upon receipt is possible.

We will provide special conditions for our wholesale customers.

Our customer is a philanthropist, your funds go to the benefit of the monasteries.

If you are seriously ill and you have no money, write to us and we will send you holy items from Samtavro to the glory of God. Give yourself, your family and friends a piece of Georgia’s warmth and spiritual peace. May your home always be warm and cozy, may peace and harmony reign. They are purchased by Orthodox believers for use at home for home prayer, and also serve as a good and inexpensive Orthodox gift for loved ones and friends.

Shrines of Mon. Samtavro

Since 2014, we have been bringing shrines from Samtavro to Russia.

We are the official representatives of the Samtavro Monastery in Russia. With the blessing of His Holiness and Beatitude Patriarch Ilya II, we take pilgrimage groups to Georgia, bring shrines from Georgian monasteries, and also transfer demands and donations to Georgian monasteries.

God’s grace is capable of sanctifying with its presence not only the souls of people, but also objects, things, places with which a special appearance of God or the feat of holy people is associated. The bodies of saints, even after their soul has gone to the Lord, have the grace-filled power of God, therefore the veneration of the relics of holy saints is accepted in the Orthodox Church. Thus, the Christian is given all the means favorable to his eternal salvation and unity with God.

On the one hand, this is internal work, prayer, on the other, the Sacraments of the Church, Orthodox shrines that have the grace of God. This section presents the shrines consecrated on the relics of St. Gabriel Urgebadze in Samtavro.


Our assortment includes many ready-made icons of St. Gabriel Urgebadze – from budget to gift and handwritten, which can be ordered directly from our warehouse. We offer wholesale prices for all products to large clients.

Relics of Gabriel in Samtavro

Mtskheta is the ancient capital of Georgia and its spiritual center. It is not for nothing that ancient Georgian sources called the city “the second Jerusalem.” In the place where Saint Nina, Equal to the Apostles, the enlightener of Georgia, preached, for many centuries there is the beautiful Samtavro Church. Now there is a small women’s stauropegic monastery of St. Nino.

Even at the beginning of the 21st century in Georgia there was no tradition of opening the graves of saints and reburying them. The discovery of the relics of St. Gabriel was the second case in the history of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Pilgrims from many countries of the world travel to the ancient capital of Georgia, the city of Mtskheta, where the relics of Elder Gabriel Urgebadze, the greatest spiritual ascetic of the 20th century, rest in the Samtavro convent. During his lifetime, the authority of the elder was so high that after his blessed death in November 1995, it took only seventeen years (an unusually short period) for him to be glorified as a saint of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

Father Gabriel always attracted people to himself. In the hearts of people who came to church by chance and did not know Orthodoxy, he sowed the seeds of good faith. And he consoled and instructed numerous guests who came from Tbilisi and other parts of Georgia.

According to the testimonies of people who received healing, the oil from the lamp at the grave of Mother Gabrielle helped against illnesses:

Cirrhosis of the liver
Bone marrow fibrosis
Restoring and strengthening faith
Mental disorders and many others
Musculoskeletal system
Cardiovascular diseases


During this time, we received many miracles and healings, and the incredible, gracious help of the saint. If you do not have the opportunity to go to Georgia to the Samtavro Monastery to visit the relics of the elder, you can always ask us to pray. Believe and the elder will definitely hear you, he is a quick helper and intercessor for us sinners.

Father Gabriel lived in accordance with the monastic rules and worked in his free time from vigils and prayers. Even when he was receiving someone or talking to someone, he worked: he restored, repaired icons, made frames for them, cleaned church utensils. For him there was no significant or insignificant matter, everything was important, and he did everything for the glory of God.

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